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Calling The Oscars

Oscars host Neil Patrick Harris. Phil McCarten / ©A.M.P.A.S.

After nominations for the Academy Awards were announced on January 15th – and the annual accusations of sexism, racism, xenophobia – the field actually looks, well, pretty good. Despite some snubs, the batch of films considered have won a lot of love away from the incestuous pit of opulence that […]

Life and Life Drawing

David Shrigley, Untitled (please try to forget that you saw me), 2014 (via

Step into the dark, satirical world of David Shrigley’s mind. The Glasgow-based artist epitomises the contemporary collide between adult humour and child-like frivolity with his deliberately simple and tragicomical style. Life and Life Drawing exhibits a vast compilation of Shrigley’s most recent works – including drawings, paintings, sculpture, animated videos […]

An Ode to Re-Enrolment

The process of enrolling and I have always had a love-hate relationship. Actually it’s more like a hate-hate relationship, if it’s possible for a computer-generated system to hate a human being (and I’m pretty sure it is).

Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

Image courtesy Universal Pictures and Focus Features

This is a modern day fairy-tale that tackles its few dark corners with all the sincerity of an episode of Gossip Girl.

Not Cool Enough: A review of Lorne Falls Festival 2014


I never thought I’d be cool enough for Falls. The costumes. The camping. The late-night dance parties. The obscure nearthed bands. The floral hair arrangements. The drugs. The Happy New Year kisses. It all seemed a bit too out of my league.
Kevin Hawkins goes on a journey of self-discovery at Falls.