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Support to divest put to the test

The University of Melbourne staff and students surveyed in a ‘referendum’ are 97 per cent in favour of the university’s divestment from fossil fuels. The referendum was held in September and received 1,876 votes. This latest initiative from Fossil Free MU challenges the university on its commitment to climate change […]

For & Against: The University of Melbourne


University of Melbourne or University of Smellbourne? FOR Words by Jenny van Veldhuisen Ah, Melbourne Uni, the innumerable things I could write about you. The usual clichés are to be expected in my argument: your consistently high world university rankings; your prestige and history that saturates the beautiful old-timey buildings; […]

Chat with the Band: Andy Bull

Andy Bull may well be one of Australia’s greatest contemporary songwriters, and after speaking to him only briefly, it becomes clear how he got so good. He is incredibly incisive and articulate, almost bordering on academic at times, and it’s clear he has a thorough understanding of himself and his […]

Back In My Day: The Virtual Boy


Illustration by Sarah Haris In the current technological climate, virtual reality is everything. Those who have been playing attention will know that Facebook recently acquired a popular VR headset—the Oculus Rift—for over $1 billion. For the last column of the year I thought it would be interesting to take a look […]

Third Wheeling


Illustration by Jennifer Crow In Graeme Green’s Magnum Opus The Quiet American, American CIA agent Alden Pyle argues that the way to protect democracy in 1950s Vietnam is to fund a “third force” who will overcome both communists and colonialists to be Vietnam’s saviour. The idea of a third option […]