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Carnegie Lemon

It’s interesting to see where place names come from. Take my hometown of San Remo, just across from Phillip Island. There’s a popular brand of pasta that you can find at most Australian supermarkets called San Remo. When I first saw it, I asked my dad if it was made […]

Uber Problematic

April 2015 Uber Jaccob McKay copy

The ridesharing craze is sweeping the world. Now, there is an existential threat to taxi drivers as we know them. It’s time to see what makes Uber tick. Ridesharing is sweeping the world, fast becoming a solid alternative to traditional taxis. For the first time, an app on your smartphone […]

Never Such Innocence


In my first year of university, my history lecture spoke of the mass murder of Iraqi-Kurdish rebels and civilians in one of the earliest extensive bombing campaigns, as the British attempted to enforce their mandate over Mesopotamia in the wake of the Treaty of Versailles. I was confused. My lecturer’s recount of […]

Playing the Field / ICC Cricket World Cup Final

cricket collage

In terms of viewership, the ICC Cricket World Cup is the third most popular global sporting event, behind only the Olympics and the all-conquering FIFA World Cup. The 2015 tournament, jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand, had an official attendance of over 1 million people. A total of 14 […]

Cyclord / Is Cycling for Me?

sasha's bike column

There’s something about that word -‘cyclist’. It’s almost as if it’s a way of life, an identity, rather than a means of getting around, a sport or a way to unwind on the weekend. To some extent it is, or can be. But maybe it’s just the way things are […]