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To Pimp A Butterfly


The emotional voyage this album takes is hard going, and, to someone who is the biggest honkey you have ever met, confronting to say the least.

New Pt Nepean Campus, VCA Gallery

Words by Christian Orkibi The University of Melbourne is set to spend a total of $28 million into two planned off-campus developments, beginning this year. The first will be a $26 million contemporary art gallery at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), funded by property developer Michael Buxton to […]

Christmas Kitchen Calamities


Words by Ellen Cregan, Illustration by Emily Keppel Christmas day for an extended family of 37 is always a chaotic affair. With one matriarch in her late eighties, seven children, seventeen grandchildren, three overwhelmed great-grandchildren under the age of seven, plus various partners, friends and companion animals all on the […]

A Wave


Words by Camilla Eustance, Photography by Tori Lill   A shell lies waiting beaming in a ray of light (my hand)   We lie in a hot room smiling around the curl of the shell   Bright blue, a day away and a dream falling   In the thick of […]

Mark, Who is an Artist


Words by Belinda Moxon, Illustration by Jasmin Isobe My dirty sheets seemed to be the main thing that bothered Maria. I remember her telling me that she didn’t like coming here because I never changed the sheets. “Everything smells like sweat, weed and pizza,” she said. “Don’t you ever clean?” […]